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Walde University Alan Fernando Montes de Oca Noriega Ace in the Hole The article “Ace in the Hole” talk about the importance of a well design logistic system. We read about two companies that deliver their products. The first company is Dukal Corporation. Dukal Corporation mission is DUKAL's focus is now and always will be Quality. Value. Performance. The company manufactures its products in China, then they import them to United States. Their customers are from Hospitals to small retailers. As we read in the article "The company with the fastest supply chain wins". Dukal Corp. have a good logistic system and they consider that it is the advantage that they have with they competitors. A good logistic system has allowed improving the service to their customers and reducing significantly the delivering costs. Part of the Dukal’s logistic system was the shipments inbound location. The shipments that arrived to Los Angeles and Long Beach are for the West Cost market and the containers unloaded in the Port of New York New Jersey were
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Unformatted text preview: from the East Cost consumers. But, Dunkal change it logistic system. They notice that if they change it distribution channel of New York to Memphis the transit times were seven days shorter and they save around $400 per container on drayage cost. So, They Change the system. Ace Hardware did not have a logistic system as good as Dunkal. Ace Hardware started to had many problems with the delivers. Therefore, they focus on improve their logistic system. They contacted Lean Logistic a company that offer transportation management systems. They do a test with the instructions of Lean Logistic and their procedures enable Ace Hardware to save $2.1 million. When they realize the great benefits that they could reach, Ace Hardware implemented the system with the 90 percent of the company’s total supplier spending. In conclusion, the logistic system in a organization, is fundamental to reach the success....
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