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La Mula restaurant bar The project’s objective is to specified the activities related to human recourses department. It is important to mention that in the beginning of the company, this one will not have a human recourses department, but one of its principals objectives is to expand in the state and after that all around the country. This human resources plan will be useful when the organization grow. Enterprise Description Location. It will be a restaurant bar. Its name will be “La Mula” and will be in Toluca City. Mission. It will be an enterprise focus in young people and tourists. It will offer entertainment to its customers and give a good service and take are of our image. Vision. To be a food and drinks market leader, as well as of amusement. Worrying for the environment and society. Values. Learning. Empowers individuals and organizations to make wise choices, solve problems and break new ground. Effort. It is an exertion of strength or power, whether physical or mental, in performing an act or aiming at an object. To achieve our goals we will need total dedication. Confidence. We need confidence in the service that will be offer. Honesty. We believe that it is an essential value to be success. Respect. We need to be respectful with our customers. Passion. This value help to achieve the organizations goals. What is a human resources plan? An human resources plan is the development of strategies for
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PPFinalMontes de OcaA - La Mula restaurant bar The projects...

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