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Chem_6A_Syllabus_F11-1 - Chem 6A Syllabus Fall 2011...

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Chem 6A Syllabus Fall 2011 Instructor: Dr. Justin A. Russak Office: PSBN 3649A Office hours: Wed/Fri 2-3pm or by appointment Email: [email protected] Phone: 805-893-7485 office 805.720.0007 cell Required Materials: 1. Organic Chemistry, 6 th Ed, P.Y. Bruice 2. Composition Notebook: Perforated and Carbonless Organic Chem Lab Notebook from the Bookstore 3. White knee length or below Laboratory Coat from the Bookstore 4. Non-programmable simple scientific calculator: Graphing calculators and phones not allowed on exams Suggested Materials: iClicker for attendance and participation Important Dates: Midterm 1: Monday, October 17 th Midterm 2: Monday, November 7 th Final: Friday, December 9 th from 12-3pm General Information about Grading: Notebooks ....... 25% Technique ........ 5% Online Lab Quizzes ..... 10% Midterms .......... 15% each Final Exam ........ 30% Participation is through iClicker responses. Questions will be asked in lecture. Half a point for each question will be awarded for participation, half a point for the correctness of it. This participation score is not part of the grading breakdown as seen above, however, this score can replace your lowest midterm grade. Grades are based on technique; quizzes; notebooks; midterms; and the final exam. TAs will be entering eight notebook scores, and eight technique scores. There is no extra credit and TAs do not have the ability to assign extra work. Grades can be viewed on the Gaucho Space website https://gauchospace.ucsb.edu TA’s are instructed to grade similarly to avoid differences in grades between sections. The class average is set to a B/B- break. -Late work: A deduction of 10% will be made for each day a lab report is late. Reports that are more than 10 days late or turned in after dead week will not be accepted. Any student who receives a zero on 3 reports will automatically fail the class. -Make-ups and Absence: TAs do not have the authority to cancel class, permit a student to skip a lab or allow a makeup lab. There are NO Make-Up Labs. If valid (medical reason, family emergency) a pass will be given for the
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experiment and quiz that week only if I am contacted PRIOR to the absence. Only one pass will be granted per quarter. Only the instructor can approve a pass, not a TA. If you miss more than one experiment due to emergency, it is best to file for an incomplete or retroactive withdrawal. Three absences will result in a failing grade. Notebook Purchase an organic chemistry lab composition notebook from the bookstore. Put your name, section and TA’s name on the cover. You must update the table of contents at the beginning of your notebook before every lab. The lab notebook is a scientific record of your work. At no time will you use other means of recording your data (scratch paper, experiment handout, your hand). All data must be recorded in blank ink. You will use the notebook to formulate a laboratory report. Prelabs will be due at the beginning of every lab. In lab sections will be turned in at the end of each lab. Results and discussion sections will be submitted to your TAs box before the due date. No typed reports will be accepted.
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