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Abortion - believe in a society that values family life and...

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Michelle Firrello HUM 225 05/29/11 Abortion Abortion is a serious concern especially in America where differing views about it exist. I am in between the pro-choice and the pro-life since there are extends to which I support it while at the same time am against the act. I support abortion because of the following reasons; First of all, legal abortion can help save the health of many mothers who have serious pregnant related complications such as ectopic pregnancies hence saving the life of the mother which according to me is more important than that of the fetus. This therefore calls for enactment of laws that can ensure such cases are attended to and disasters averted. Secondly, abortion can help curb the issue of parentless children who are abandoned just for the simple reason that their mothers were not prepared to look after them. If such pregnancies are aborted, it will greatly reduce the issue of suffering children in the streets and children homes. I
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Unformatted text preview: believe in a society that values family life and therefore children should be raised by both parents who offer them love and guidance needed to grow up fully. Abortion should however only be carried out under circumstances such as a medical condition that is threatening the life of the mother. This should be proven beyond reasonable doubt by a qualified medical doctor. This is the only way of preventing irresponsible behaviors that lead to pregnancies due to carelessness. Extreme situations such as pregnancies related to rape or incest may also be considered for abortion but all cases have to be reviewed and a comprehensive decision made since life is sacred and should not just be terminated at will. Abortion should therefore be legal in the United States of America....
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