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BRA}IDEIS I,JMVERSITY Department of Economics Economics 134 Public Sector Problem Set I l. Text, Chapter l, Qucstion 9 on pageS Zf 2. Text, Chapter 2, Question 3 on page 58 3. Text, Chapter 2, Question 8 on page 58 (HINTS: Plot $ on the vertical uris and leisure on the horizontal axis, as in Figures 2-8,2-9,2-10 and 2-l I in the text. For part c, use the notions ofthe substitution effect and the incomE effect. For the income effect, you can assume that both $ and leisure are normal goods.)
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Unformatted text preview: Question l0 on page 59 (HINTS: Draw the budget constraints carefirlly, particularly the one in part b. Note exactly where the two conshaints cross-it should be an interesting point, and note exactly where the second constaint changes its slope. Again, for part c, use tbe income and substitution effects, and assume that both $ and leisure are normal.) 5. Text, Chapter 2, Question 13 on page 59, PARTS a AI.ID b ONLY 6. Text, Chapter 2, Question 14 on page 59 Mr. Coiner Spring, S aa ro...
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