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BRANDEIS LTNIVERSITY Department of Economics Public Sector Economics Mr. Coiner Econ 134 Spring,2€tr' Problem Set 2 2';t'o "'? 1. Text, Chapter 3, Question 14 on page g6( ion ?rc€€€H*e, fi-rri-d-= - C€fisf,+q+ie+rtrltlar '^." q"E . 2. Text, Chapter 5, Question 7 on page pS. ltl-l 3. Text, Chapter 5, Question 1l on page W. l'\3 4. Text, Clhapter 5, Question
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Unformatted text preview: 13 on page y|q. 1 tlg 5. Text. Chapter 5, Question l4 on page ,!,f; *o,.' Marginal damage averled by cleanup. labeled MD here, is the same as the Marginal Benefit fiom pollution reduction that we talk about in class. .qE 6. Text, Chapter 5, Question l6 on page 1,49, parts a and b only. i t('3 7. Text, Chapter 5, Question 17 onpage 149....
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