Chap 37 - Nathan Ellis February 8 2005 AP US History...

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Nathan Ellis February 8, 2005 AP US History Chapter 37 Terms London Economic Conference –66 nations gathered together in the summer of 1933 to discuss how to fix the global depression. They wanted to stabilize country’s currencies and the rates at which they could be exchanged. This conference revealed how Roosevelt’s early foreign policy was subordinated to his strategy for domestic economic recovery. Tydings McDuffie Act – Passed in 1934, the act provided for the independence of the Philippines after a twelve year period of economic and political tutelage, which was in 1946. Good Neighbor – Roosevelt sent signals to the world that America no longer wanted to be a world power, but just wanted to be a regional power in the Western Hemisphere. Being isolated from every one for so long, being a “Good Neighbor” consisted of being friendly with fellow western nations by letting go of old treaties and acts that benefited the US more than that nation such as the Platt Amendment and the troops in Haiti. What Senator Gerald Nye Did – Nye was the Head of a Senate committee who was appointed in
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Chap 37 - Nathan Ellis February 8 2005 AP US History...

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