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CS 580 Client-Server Programming Spring Semester, 2010 Assignment 2 © 2010, All Rights Reserved, SDSU & Roger Whitney San Diego State University -- This page last updated 1/29/10 Assignment 2 Due Feb 5 23:55 1. Write XUnit (JUnit/C#Unit) tests for your code from assignment 1. In assignment 1 you had four changesets. Each change set contained a different version of the assignment. In this as- signment we want to add test cases to each version of assignment one. So we will end up with four new changesets in this assignment. Each changeset in this assignment will contain the contents of a changeset from assignment 1 plus unit tests. The goal of this assignment is write unit tests and to get more practice with mercurial. How to turn in your Assignment
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Unformatted text preview: You can use the same Bitbucket repository you did for last assignment. You will have to submit the url again in the course portal. Grading Code Compiles & Runs 20% Code downloads correctly from BitBucket 20% Code has required versions 20% Have reasonable unit tests 40% Questions for thought When you connect to the campus website ( how many network connections are used? How many connections are used when you connect to What are the addresses that How many hops do packets take from your machine to How long does it take packets to reach from your machine? What percent of your TCP packets arrive out of order? (netstat -s on some platforms)...
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