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Assignment 3 SDChat Client

Assignment 3 SDChat Client - ±le as the default The user...

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CS 580 Client-Server Programming Spring Semester, 2010 Assignment 3 © 2010, All Rights Reserved, SDSU & Roger Whitney San Diego State University -- This page last updated 3/26/10 Assignment 3 Part 1 Due Feb 23 Part 2 Due March 2 Part 3 Due March 9 Part 4 Due April 4 Part 1. Create a non-gui based client for the SDChat. The client needs to implement the commands "available", "login", "register", "nickname" , "quit" and "waitinglist". Write unit tests for your client. Part 2. Modify the client from part two so that it is entirely GUI based. The user should not be exposed in any way to the syntax or semantics of the SDChat protocol. Part 3. Add the remaining SDChat commands to your GUI based client. Part 4. Final SDChat Gui Client. The client uses GUI safe threads to handle communications with the server that the user can cancel. The use can enter server information (machine and port number) a nickname and password. The Client saves this information in a configuration file. When the user runs the client again the client will use the information in the configuration
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Unformatted text preview: ±le as the default. The user can provide alternate values for this information if they desire. The client will implement the two versions off acceptconversation message in Draft 1.3 of SDChat. That is it can accept connections directly from another client. You are to turn in both the source code for your client and an executable program that users can run using the standard method of their operating system. SDChat Server There is an SDChat server running on bismarck.sdsu.edu on the port 8009. How to turn in your Assignment Create a new Bitbucket repository for this assignment. You will have to submit the url again in the course portal. For part 4 you need to turn in both the source code as we have been doing for part 1-3 and an executable ±le. The latter will be uploaded to the course repository. Grading Item % of Grade Part 1 10% Part 2 10% Part 3 10% Part 3 working 60% Part 3 quality 10%...
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