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Assignment 4 SDChat Protocol

Assignment 4 SDChat Protocol - server or other client that...

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CS 580 Client-Server Programming Spring Semester, 2010 Assignment 4 © 2010, All Rights Reserved, SDSU & Roger Whitney San Diego State University -- This page last updated 4/12/10 Assignment 4 SDChat Protocol 1. The SDChat we are using has a number of problems or issues. Some of the problems are minor syntactic issues. That is parsing would be easier of some commands were modiFed. Other issues are a bit more troublesome. Perhaps there are times you wish to send a mes- sage that is not allowed by a particular state, perhaps there is information that you need from the server but can not access, perhaps there is information you wish to send to the
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Unformatted text preview: server or other client that you can not do, perhaps there are missing message, perhaps there are messages that are not needed or perhaps the server states do not act the way you think they should. What are the problems or issues that you thing the SDChat protocol has? 2. Redesign the protocol to Fx the problems you list in problem one. How to turn in your Assignment Turn in your assignment as a word document in the course portal. Grading Have not Fgured this out yet....
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