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Assignment 6 Server - Currently you only have to save user...

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CS 580 Client-Server Programming Spring Semester, 2010 Assignment 6 © 2010, All Rights Reserved, SDSU & Roger Whitney San Diego State University -- This page last updated 4/20/10 Assignment 5 - Server Part 1 Due April 27 Part 2 Due May 6 Part 3 Due May 13 Part 4 Due May 20 You will implement the server in four stages as described below. 1. Implement a multi-threaded server that handles the commands nickname, quit and register. The server does not have to save data in a database or even in a Fle. 2. Have the server save data in a database. The database connection needs to be thread-safe.
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Unformatted text preview: Currently you only have to save user data (nickname and passwords) in the database. How-ever by the end of the assignment you will also save conversations in the database. 3. Extend the server to handle the command login, available and waiting list. The server has to handle the state of each connection correctly. 4. Extend the server to handle conversations. The server only has to handle conversations that are passed through the server. The server has to store conversations in the database....
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