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ExSol2-2009 1 - travel while the vertical accereration raises it The final target is hit at(12,8 cm Find(a the position r(t in terms of os(a the

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Math 226: CaJculus 3 b) > 0 LuTt o,l Second Exanination a* t=to -S to + +aot] = tz W;fh Io= 4l ' :'. - 2 o March 27, 2009 1|(o).9r= .Si -,lt 1. (20 points/lO minutes) In a lab experiment, a charged pa,rticle is placed in vertical and horizontal electric fields so that it experiences accelerations in both directions grven by a(t): oati+boi, where bo:1 cmfs2, and ae (in units of cm/s3) is to be determined. At r:0, the particle is- fired horizontally backwards (negative c direction) at a speed of b cm/s (ro : -5i cm/s) from the sta,rting point (0,0). The positive r acceleration turns it around a^fber some
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Unformatted text preview: travel while the vertical accereration raises it. The final target is hit at (12,8) cm. Find (a) the position r(t) in terms of os (a) the time t : to it takes to hit the target; and (b) the required value of q. 5 cm/s ) T'(Q,4 &) -- a"t i + 3 i- !Y--"rt, f: :"C^"t i* t i)j^ + (Lt- g{oj= Lr eot'i + t i Y'&)-|.9ft) : -5?+t>Qot' t+ bt ; 9u *"olt')t -+ t i rftl? [6s L +t ^"t')L + it' 3 l,' rk)-rrt - Ftt +| a"tt) ? + +. *i') r (o)-- I r(t)= (-tt **oo€)t + tr*i J('t; J <,r, *7 = 4sto 4Jrooti t t - 4tr' *T* 7i|0 r+-k-++) a * i o,$$ s 12 i oo= )2ft+ = + Qs =3 c)...
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