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Chap 39 outline - Nathan Ellis March 17, 2005 AP US History...

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Nathan Ellis March 17, 2005 AP US History Chapter 39 Outline I. Postwar Economic Anxieties a. After the war, people were afraid that they would just go back into debt i. The end of the war brought about crazy inflation. The inflation brought price controls and a ton of strikes happened within unions b. To help prevent rioting in the strikes, the Taft-Hartley Act was passed c. Things such as the Employment Act and the Council of Economic Advisors that were passed helped from another depression. The government also sold factories that were mainly for wartime to private businesses for cheap. d. The government passed the GI Bill of Rights – it gave veterans the money to go to college; they now had free education. II. The Long Economic Boom a. Between the 1940s and 60s, a huge rise in the economy happened. Everyone was excited to get away from the effects of the great depression and just wanted it out of their minds. b. More and more women began to work and this began mothers getting away from strictly the home, taking care of the children. c. Electricity was cheap and this made for cheaper consumer goods such as cars, because they cost less to make. i. Not only cheap electricity, but new inventions and technology greatly improved the efficiency in the production of goods. III. The Smiling Sunbelt a. The Sunbelt is just an area in the south where there had been a lot of immigration where the population grew a ton. i. CALIFORNIA IS NOW THE MOST POWERFUL STATE – NOT NY b. Because of the increase in population, more money from the Government went there, further pushing California into a more powerful state. Politics were shifting. IV.
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Chap 39 outline - Nathan Ellis March 17, 2005 AP US History...

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