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ise hw 1 - Team F Karishma Nagar Nathan Saletan Muratacan...

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10/15/11Team F: Karishma Nagar, Nathan Saletan, Muratacan Savaskan, Jonathan Schapiro, Kaifei Yao 1. The Human Activity System o The manufacturing process The university’s manufacturing process has to do with service because it is an educational institution. The processing procedures of a service organizations rely on the professors and TA’s in charge of the educational process. o Materials and resources The university has many resources needed for the educational process, including everything from classrooms to computers to the desks students sit in. Materials are not as inclusive because the university is a service organization – that is there are few sold products. o Machines and equipment Similar to resources, equipment needed for professors to successfully teach students includes computers, textbooks etc. Machinery is not as prevalent in a university compared to a company that is actually manufacturing products. o Methods The main task of university workers (specifically professors) is to educate students. Methods used to accomplish this task can greatly vary from one professor to another (different teaching styles, such as lectures, online lectures, textbook readings, lab assignments.) o Layout of facilities The organization of facilities at USC is very important because there are so many classes that must meet at various times during the day. It takes an immense amount of planning to efficiently
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ise hw 1 - Team F Karishma Nagar Nathan Saletan Muratacan...

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