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Student Teams NAME EMAIL ADDRESS TEAM Adisasmita, Alyssa, Victoria [email protected] A Affelt, Ashlyn, Alyse [email protected] A Borkar, Deepa [email protected] A Breiding, Katherine, M [email protected] A Bucher, Kathryn, A. [email protected] B Bushong, Victor, Louis [email protected] B Cabillo, Christopher, Abad [email protected] B Cox, Clemens, Bourdeaux [email protected] B Doerr, Celine, C. [email protected] C Hensel, Joel, Ari [email protected] C Hooda, Shamaz [email protected] C Iannone, Peter, Justin [email protected] C Johnston, Matthew C Kim, David [email protected] D Kim, Jinhoung [email protected] D Kumar, Sharukh [email protected] D Lai, Jeffrey D loshin, Evan [email protected] E Zhang, Qiaoyi [email protected] E Morgan, Dallas, W
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Unformatted text preview: [email protected] E Morshed, Nicholas [email protected] E Nagar, Karishma, Prashant [email protected] F Saletan, Nathan, Lee [email protected] F Savaskan, Muratcan [email protected] F Schapiro, Jonathan, James [email protected] F Yao, Kaifei [email protected] F Sugiarto, Yoseph, Rinaldi [email protected] G Takahashi, Takumi [email protected] G Tan, Young, Jun [email protected] G Tran, Michael [email protected] G Wisniewski, Allison, P [email protected] H Wytrzymalski, Paul, George [email protected] H Zaterman, Brent, Adam [email protected] H Zhu, Ruoyun [email protected] H [email protected] [email protected]..
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