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Create a Research Proposal and Preliminary Reference Page: Research Proposal – Your research paper will be two to three pages in length, (excluding the title and reference pages) formatted in proper APA style, and will include the following: o Scope and nature of the problem o Specific claim (modified from your claim submitted in Step One, if necessary, as a result of your research). o Justification of your claim (i.e., why it is important). o Method of data collection (i.e., types of sources you plan to use and where you will look for them). o Preliminary findings (i.e., results you have found so far). Your proposal must be written from a  third-person  point of view, in  future  tense , explaining what you plan to accomplish in your research.  Preliminary Reference Page - Your reference page should include at least four sources that you intend to use in your paper, and be formatted to proper APA style. The following steps will assist you in finding sources
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