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Plagiarism Issues define plagiarism in your own words. State the most important concepts you learned about plagiarism from reading this material or from your past experiences. Plagiarism is when you copy another person’s work and say it is your own without giving them credit. Even if you have permission to use their work it is still considered plagiarism. Plagiarism and cheating are the same thing which neither one is acceptable in life let alone
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Unformatted text preview: school. I would have to say plagiarism is just a fancy name for cheating because if you cheat you would not give the other person credit either. One if you get caught cheating on a test you fail. Two if you cheat in sports you lose. Either way it is a no win situation. There is always going to be some that say that only happen if you get caught. Well if you do not cheat you do not have to worry about getting caught....
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