Looking back and looking forward

Looking back and looking forward - school for seven years...

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Looking back and looking forward: As you near the end of this course, reflect on what you have learned about English composition over the past five weeks. I have learned that grammar is very important in every day life. Most people have grammar errors because they type like they talk. Hence why we have misspelled words and run on sentences. What are the most important concepts you learned from this course? I have learned to always check my grammar and spelling. I also learned to proof read my work before I turn it in to be graded. A lot of this has been retained from high school but I had to re train my self to do it because I have been out of
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Unformatted text preview: school for seven years. Which chapters in your reading were the most valuable for you and why? All of my chapters were very valuable for me because they refreshed my memory for different types of writing. I lied how they showed in one of their tables different ways to say things to make it more detailed. What areas of your writing do you think have improved the most? I think I have improved a great deal on my sentence structure and grammar. However going forward I will have to work more on my APA formatting and using sources. As far as my writing skills go the more I write the better I will become....
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