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Numeric Grade: 4.22 / 5 pts Weighted Average: Earned: 4.22 % Possible: 5 % Letter Grade: Outcome assessment: View Details Comments: View markup for Infants Vs. Toddlers.docx Sarah, you provide some good details in your compare and contrast between infants and toddlers. I think that what is missing now is your overall purpose for doing such a comparison. Perhaps you want to offer information for people who consider childcare as a business or hobby? DONE Perhaps you want to prepare expecting parents with the differences between taking care of the different age groups? That purpose will help to tie this compare/contrast together much more closely. With the addition of this purpose, you can also add some more details to each of the comparative points you make about each age group. The level of care seems to be more acute with infants than it is with toddlers in some cases. In other cases, the level of attention and care is higher for the toddler than it is for the infant. I think you can elaborate on this more to include some of this information, while also utilizing scholarly sources for
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