term paper - Western Civilization Mr. Mike Beard Summer...

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Western Civilization Cao Thi Ngoc Anh Mr. Mike Beard ID: 421 762 Summer 2011 VISK2010B According to A History of Western Civilization book, Renaissance is the term which used to describe rebirth of the period of European history after Middle Age that have achievements on culture including the commercial economy, the arts, architecture, music, education and political. Especially, during this period, the Appearance vs. Reality themes became the key major that contribute to the change in some Renaissance areas such as the arts, literature, architecture and religion. Firstly, the appearance vs. reality was given to the arts, particularly in painting. Besides, the patrons of the art are one of the changes that lead to the renaissance. It means that the art represents the corporate power. The wealthy families began to pay commission for works of art which make them to have panting, portrait and sculptures about themselves. This panting will be displayed in the church or street that makes everybody to know they paid for them. Especially, the painting Holy Trinity (1427 AD) of Masaccio expressed the Appearance vs. Reality and the painting of patrons. In this panting, the donors were appeared in the painting that is two people stand on ground in bottom of panting. In fact, Christian usually gives trinity symbol containing God the father, the Son and Holy Spirit on painting to show the respect for God. However, in the
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term paper - Western Civilization Mr. Mike Beard Summer...

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