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ELEC210 Spring 2011 Homework-1 1. A random experiment consists of selecting two balls in succession from an urn containing two black balls and one white ball. (a) Specify the sample space for this experiment. (b) Suppose that the experiment is modified so that the ball is immediately put back into the urn after the first selection. What is the sample space now? (c) What is the relative frequency of the outcome (white, white) in a large number of repetitions of the experiment in part a? In part b? (d) Does the outcome of the second draw from the urn depend in any way on the outcome of the first draw in either of these experiments? 2. Three friends (Al, Bob and Chris) put their names in a hat and each draws a name from the hat. (Assume Al picks first, then Bob, then Chris.) (a) Find the sample space. (b) Find the sets A, B, and C that correspond to the events “Al draws his name,” “Bob draws his name,” and “Chris draws his name.” (c) Find the set corresponding to the event, “no one draws his own name.”
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