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(1) a. For the queuing delay, you should try “Ping” many times at some idle time of one day. The minimum round-trip time obtained can be considered as the RTT without queuing delay. For the processing delay, one packet processing task is only 1ms in one router. There are around 10 hops along the routing to www.yahoo-ht3.akadns.net from HKUST. Roughly the processing delay is roughly 20ms. For the transmission delay, if the size of packet and the bandwidth of the link are known, this value is deterministic. For the propagation delay, it is only depend on the distance of the propagation path. It is reasonable to give the percentage of both of transmission and propagation delays merely, which roughly equals to the minimum RTT you get above. Compared with the transmission delay, propagation delay is often negligible; therefore it will be also reasonable to treat this minimum RTT to be the transmission delay. b. If the money is no object, by deploying extreme high bandwidth links and super computers to
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