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1 The rate at which TCP sends data is a function of the congestion window and the current RTT. When the window size is w bytes and the current round trip time is RTT seconds, then TCP’s transmission rate is roughly RTT . So during the i th RTT, we sent W ൈ 500 bytes , as long as w ൈହ଴଴ൈ଼ RTT ൑ 500kbps We have W ൌ W ୧ିଵ ൅ 10, W ൌ1 ,so W ൌ 1 ൅ 10i; r±± ൌ 250ms So ሺଵାଵ଴୧ሻൈହ଴଴ൈ଼ ଶହ଴ൈଵ଴ షయ ൑ 500kbps ฺ i ൑ 3 , which means once the window size increases to 41, packet lost will happen, then the window size will drop to 1 again. Assume during the RTT period in which the windows size is 41, the transmit throughput is 500kbps, we have: C ୟ୴୥ ሺ∑ W ሻൈ500ൈ8 ୧ୀ଴ ൅ 500 ൈ 10 ൈr±± 5r±± ൌ 304.8 ൈ 10 bps
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hw2_solution -...

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