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Assignment 3 (part 2) March 26, 2010 1. The figure below shows a two-lens system and an object. Diagrammatically locate (i) aperture stop and appropriate pupils, (ii) field stop and appropriate windows, (iii) the image (using marginal and chief rays). 2. Problem 5.47 on page 237. 3. Problem 5.84 on page 241. 4. Problem 5.87 on Page 241. 5. Problem 5.88 on Page 242. 6. Show (i) Magnification of the telescope is
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Unformatted text preview: e o f f M-= and (ii) Diameter of the exit pupil is M D D objective exit = , here the first lens or objective lens is the aperture stop, the exit pupil of the telescope should match to the size of pupil of human eye. (Hint: Objective is aperture stop and eye pupil is the exit pupil of the telescope.) F 1 F 1 ’ F 2 F 2 ’ L 2 L 1...
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