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Assignment 4 - direction and drops off exponentially as it...

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Assignment 4 Due date: April 23, 2010 1. Derive the Fresnel equations for transmission of TE and TM modes. 2. External reflection, light traveling from air-to-glass: (i) Calculate the reflectance of TE and TM mode light waves from the surfaces of glasses at incident angles of 0 ° , 30 ° and 85 ° at Fraunhofer D-, F- and C- spectral lines. (ii) Calculate Brewster’s angles at three Fraunhofer’s spectral lines. (Note: you can select any two glasses yourself from the figure below.) Internal reflection, light traveling from glass-to-air: (iii) Calculate Brewster angles and critical angles at Fraunhofer D-, F- and C- spectral lines for your chosen glasses. (iv) As shown in lecture notes and textbook, evanescent wave advances in the x-
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Unformatted text preview: direction and drops off exponentially as it penetrates the less dense medium. Calculate the decay coefficient of evanescent field when incident angles from your chosen crown and flint glasses to air are 70 ° and 80 ° , respectively. (v) Use any software to plot the transmitted fields along the z axis in the range of z=0 to 10 wavelengths. Summarize what you learned from the results. (vi) Compare the results with those when the refractive index of less dense material is 1.33 (glass-water interface). 3. Problem 3.15 and 3.19 on page 83. 4. Problem 4.44 and 4.45 on page 145....
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