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final 2007 - ELEC 308 Engineering Optics FINAL EXAMINATION...

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ELEC 308 Engineering Optics FINAL EXAMINATION DATE: May 31, 2007 TIME: 4:30 pm - 7:30 pm PLEDGE OF HONOR On my honor as a student of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, I have neither received aid from others nor given aid to others while taking this exam. All of the answers represent my own work. Signature: __________________ Date: ________________ Student Name: Student Number:
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1. (15 pts.) An optical imaging system consists of a microscope objective lens, an aperture, a "relay" lens, and a CCD camera (replacing human eye). The microscope objective lens has a focal length of 10 mm. The circular aperture of 1 mm in diameter is placed at the image plane of the objective lens that is at 160 mm from the back focal plane of the objective lens. A relay lens, with a focal length of 50 mm, is placed at 75 mm from the aperture, and forms a sharp image on a CCD camera whose area is 10mm × 15mm. a. Compute the distance between the location of the CCD camera and the relay lens, in mm.
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