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Physics 318 R.G. Palmer Electromagnetism 4/27/09 Final Exam 2009 (24hr takehome) Notes: You are on your honor to abide by the rules in the handout About the Final . Violations will be treated extremely seriously: see . For full credit you must justify what you are doing . Show all work. Pulling an obscure formula out of a hat may lose you points; you must at least say where it came from (e.g., [Jackson page 813]), or probably you should write how to show that from standard ways. Credit may be reduced if you do something a very awkward or long-winded way, even if you get the right result in the end. I will readily give hints, but will record what I tell you and allow for that in grading. 1. A grounded conductor has the shape of an infinite plane with a hemispherical bulge of radius a . A charge q is placed above the center of the bulge, a distance b from the plane (or b - a from the top of the bulge). a. What is the force on the charge?
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