Ch 1 - Part I Introduction Chapter 1 Why Study Financial...

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Part I Introduction
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Chapter 1 Why Study Financial Markets and Institutions? Why Study Financial Markets? Debt Market and Interest Rates The Stock Market The Foreign Exchange Market Why Study Financial Institutions? Central Banks and the Conduct of Monetary Policy Structure of the Financial System Banks and Other Financial Institutions Financial Innovation Managing Risk in Financial Institutions Applied Managerial Perspective How We Will Study Financial Markets and Institutions Exploring the Web Collecting and Graphing Data Web Exercise Concluding Remarks Overview and Teaching Tips Before embarking on a study of financial markets and institutions, the student must be convinced that this subject is worth studying. Chapter 1 pursues this goal by showing the student that financial markets and institutions is an exciting field because it focuses on phenomena that affect everyday life. An additional purpose of Chapter 1 is to provide an overview for the entire book, previewing the topics that will be covered in later chapters. The chapter also provides the students with a guide as to how they will be studying financial markets and institutions with a unifying, analytic framework and an applied managerial perspective. In teaching this chapter, the most important goal should be to get the student excited about the material. I have found that talking about the data presented in the figures helps achieve this goal by showing the
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Ch 1 - Part I Introduction Chapter 1 Why Study Financial...

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