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Tutorial #2 Answers Exercise #1 1. 1-tier 2. Kazakhstan Deposit Insurance Fund Insurance Payments Guarantee Fund Mortgage Guarantee Fund of Kazakhstan Kazakhstan Actuarial Centre 3. President of the Republic of Kazakhstan 4. development and implementations of the state’s monetary policy support of pmt system functioning implementation of foreign exchange regulation and foreign exchange control assistance for maintenance of financial system’s stability 5. ensure the stability of prices Exercise #2 1. November 1993 2. April 12 1996 3. the foreign currency market the government securities market the repo market
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Unformatted text preview: the markets of shares and corporate bonds the derivates market 4. Euronotes of Kazakhstan State Short-term treasury bills and Notes of the National Bank of Kazakhstan State short-term currency treasury bills and currency notes of the National Bank of Kazakhstan Exercise #3 1. 15 December 2006 2. President of the RK Exercise #4 1. charter capital & senior management 2. issue licenses Exercise #5 No, the deposit in Eksim Bank is not insured 350,000 tenge (ATF) 280 000 tenge (ATF) 300,000 tenge (KKB) 700 000 tenge (BTA) Nothing (Eksim Bank)...
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