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Lit review - The Kalash are a small minority indigenous...

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The Kalash are a small minority indigenous population that inhabits three valleys in North West Pakistan. Numbering only 6000, the Kalash face a number of challenges in protecting their culture and religion, as well as developing economically and overcoming poverty. In the research paper, “Kalash Indigenous Entrepreneurship and the Question of Sustainable Economic Development”, Mr Iqbal Khan attempts to answer the fundamental question facing the Kalash people of North-West Pakistan, how to protect their customs and traditions, while developing economic sustainability at the same time. The paper explores the cultural factors that might inhibit entrepreneurship amongst the Kalash and suggests that the tendency amongst the Kalash to imitate their elders and family members in setting up familiar businesses instead of experimenting is one of the major cultural reasons that they have not been particularly successful from an entrepreneurship context.
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