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SUPeR Chemistry CH 222 Practice Exam This exam has been designed to help you practice working multiple choice problems over the material that will be covered on the first CH 222 midterm. The actual exams for each section of CH 222 will be different and you should not assume that this practice exam is representative of those exams. To get the maximum benefit out of this practice exam, treat it like a real exam. Give yourself one hour to take the test and do not use any outside resources except your calculator and a periodic table. Do not stop during the exam to look up answers. When finished, grade yourself using the answer key. R = 0.0821 L·atm/mol·K
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Page 2 Multiple Choice: Select the one best answer. 1. Which of the following statements are true of gases? I. Individual gas molecules are in close contact with each other. II. Gases are highly compressible. III. The density of gases is greater than that of liquids. IV. Gases take the shape of the container. V . Gas molecules experience very weak intermolecular attractions. A. I, III, IV and V B. I, III and IV C. II and IV D. II, IV and V E. II, III, IV and V 2. A small bubble rises from the bottom of a lake, where the temperature and pressure are 4 ° C and 3.0 atm, and rises to the water’s surface, where the temperature is 25 ° C and the pressure is 0.95 atm. What is the final volume of the bubble if its initial volume was 2.1 mL? A. 0.72 mL B. 6.2 mL C. 7.1 mL D. 22 mL E. 41 mL 3. Gases are sold in large cylinders for laboratory use. What pressure in atmospheres will be exerted by 2500. g of oxygen gas when stored at 22 ° C in a 40.0 L cylinder? A. 3.55 atm
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winterE2practice - SUPeR Chemistry CH 222 Practice Exam...

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