Ethical Decisions - Ethical Decisions Ethical Decisions...

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Ethical Decisions Ethical Decisions Jessica Thibodeaux Michael Mozdzierz 12/19/2010 HCP/210 Ethical Decisions The situation that Mrs. Mortimer in the scenario was in is a difficult situation. According to Axia College Pharmacy law and ethics (2006), it is important to bring about the good, keeping promises, telling the truth, acting with fairness within the law, and acting in self reliance. In Mrs. Mortimer’s situation there could be many outlooks of what the right decision the pharmacy could make. In Mrs. Mortimer’s situation I feel that the principle-based ethics theory and the law theory relate to this situation. The principle-based theory relates because a moral standpoint of a person can influence the decision making process of that person. Refusing to give a person the medication he or she needs is immoral but for many people breaking the law is immoral as well. This theory could benefit Mrs. Mortimer as
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Ethical Decisions some people have huge hearts and cannot refuse a person medication that is needed. This theory also benefits the pharmacy as if the pharmacists moral thoughts are to
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Ethical Decisions - Ethical Decisions Ethical Decisions...

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