Understanding work related injuries

Understanding work related injuries - Understanding work...

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Understanding work related injuries Jessica Thibodeaux HCR/230 Barbara Hopkins The procedure in which a claim for medical services is processed is different depending on the type of claim being done. Workers compensation has its own set of rules and guidelines for the claims process. These guidelines include the type of injury, and where the injury occurred. The employee, employer, physician, and insurance provider have certain responsibilities in the claim process. The HIPAA privacy rule protects the patient medical information. This rule is different for workers compensation. The patient’s medical information must be available for review for the insurance company for qualification purposes. Workers compensation is a program set up to protect employees and employers. When an employee is injured on the job or while performing duties for the job, outside of the workplace and is unable to return to work for a period of time, the employee must receive benefits for medical expenses and lost wages. When this type of injury occurs there is a process that must be followed by the employee, employer, physician and insurance company. This first step in the claims process is reporting the injury to the employer. This must be done in a timely manner. Some companies require this notice within 48 hours of the injury. Depending on the states rules,
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Understanding work related injuries - Understanding work...

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