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View Full Document Right Arrow Icon %2BMovers/Story/A1Story20090901-164922.html Ion was picked for the new branch, he says, to cater to his sizeable tourist customer base, as well as to reach out to a younger generation of consumers. He says: 'Other malls had approached us in the past but we didn't have the slightest thought of expanding then because we couldn't oversee so many branches. If we expand too fast and we can't cope with the demand, it will affect the quality of our products.' In fact, its sales figures for this Chinese New Year matched last year's takings for the same period despite the recent economic melt-down. But he declines to reveal further details. Over the years, he has introduced barbecued chicken, beef, fish and prawn slices. He also expanded the brand's porcine range to include spicy pork and pork belly, which has become the brand's second best-selling item after the original bak kwa. While he is open to an evolving range of barbecued meats, he insists on making them the traditional way, which means the squares of meat are still formed by hand and smoked over charcoal fire instead of an electric gas flame. He is also cautious about overseas expansion: 'In future, we might go in this direction,
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Bak Kwa copy -...

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