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Unformatted text preview: Sheet1 Page 1 We the People 7e. Chapter 14 Title Description Reference administrative aapplying rules and precedents to specific cases to settle disputes between regulated parties bureaucracy the complex structure of offices, tasks, rules, and principles of organization that are employed by all large scale institutions to coordinate the work of their personnel department the largest subunit of the executive branch. The secretaries of the fifteen departments form the Cabinet deregulation a policy of reducing or eliminating regulatory restraints on the conduct of individuals or private institutions devolution a policy to remove a program from one level of government by delegating it or passing it down to a lower level of government, such as from the national government to the state and local governments executive privilthe claim that confidential communications between a president and close advisers should not be revealed without the consent of the president Federal Reservea system of twelve Federal Reserve Banks that facilitates exchanges of cash, checks, and credit; regulates member banks; and uses monetary policies to fight inflation and deflation...
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