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Critical Thinking Assignment #1

Critical Thinking Assignment #1 - Report 1 How Does Your...

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Report 1: How Does Your Representative/Senator Raise Campaign Money? Data Retrieval and Analysis Exercise Task Complete a campaign financial profile on your member of Congress. Introduction Running for Congress is an expensive proposition. The Federal Election Commission reports that the overall expenditures for congressional elections during the 2008 election cycle was approximately $ 800 million . In addition to these individual expenditures, the National Republic Campaign Committee raised an additional $715 million and the Democratic Campaign Committee another $520 million. In this exercise you must create a profile of the fund raising activities for your member of Congress. The 2008 election cycle, by all accounts, will exceed these totals. Step 1 Review Chapter 10 Campaigns and Elections and Chapter 12 Congress before beginning this assignment. Step 2 Cut and paste or recreate the following table in a separate document, adjust the space as needed. Gather the information about your member of Congress. You may select either your U.S. Representative or your U.S. Senator. Use OpenSecrets.Org to complete the table. USE THE 2008 ELECTION DATA! You will find the link in the UPPER LEFT TAB “Politicians and Elections.” Financial Profile Table OpenSecrets.Org John Cornyn Senator $ raised 2008 $ 19,326,337 $ spent 2008 $ 18,994,698 $ cash on hand $ 360,227
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% from large individuals % 67 % from PACs % 17 % from Self Finance % 0 Top 3 PAC Contributors 1. Leadership PACs: 9.55 % of total PAC 2. : 7.18 % of total PAC 3. Lawyers/Law Firm PACs: 7.03 % of total PAC Top 5 industries making campaign contributions (use "List PAC Contributions" link) 1. Lawyers/Law Firms 2 . Retired
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Critical Thinking Assignment #1 - Report 1 How Does Your...

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