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Exam 1 Study Questions - Government 2302 Study Questions...

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Government 2302 Study Questions Exam 1 In preparation for the examinations students MUST complete study questions associated with the chapter readings before each exam. Completing these study questions prior to the exams is MANDATORY. They will be graded from 0-5 points each. The study questions do not have to be lengthy or written in complete sentence form. The point is to focus your mind on the central points raised by the readings. 1. Download the SQ and open in your word processing program. 2. Insert your answers using a different font color for your answers. I prefer blue. 3. Upload your completed SQ using the Assignment Tool. 4. Always make a back-up of your work. ("The computer destroyed my files" is the contemporary version of the "dog ate my homework." It is the student's responsibility to have the questions submitted on time, period. A malfunctioning computer is no excuse for late work.) Do not cut and paste your answers into an e-mail message as this will disrupt the formatting. I will return all files with chaotic formatting. (Take this warning seriously because I will have approximately 75 sets of these questions to grade and, therefore, it is imperative that your assignments are properly formatted. PREPARING FOR EXAMS General Comments for Preparing for Exams Preparation for exams should always begin with careful reading of the texts. It is important to take good notes while reading. Underlining portions of the textbook is NOT advised. Students who cognitively assimilate the reading materials retain more information and material. This is best accomplished by careful note taking. Underlining is a shortcut, and the results will show in your performance on the exam. Before reading and taking notes on the texts, consult the Norton Resources for the appropriate chapter. Here you will find summaries of the learning objectives, key points, and basic concepts for each chapter of reading. Get a general sense of “feel” for what the textbook reading covers. Do NOT use these Resources as a shortcut for your reading. After you have a general sense of what you will encounter in the readings, turn to the text and begin reading and taking notes. Always find the thesis of every paragraph while you are reading. Always ask yourself: “What is it the author is trying to convey here?” After completing your reading and note taking, return to the Resources and review the materials again. Have you covered the learning objectives? Are you familiar with the basic terms? Do you know the basic facts and features of the topics? If you are not comfortable with the learning objectives, etc., return to the textbook for a review of those points you need to learn better. Only when you have completed this process should you take the self-test.
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Exam 1 Study Questions - Government 2302 Study Questions...

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