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Study Questions Exam 6 - Government 2302 Study Questions...

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Government 2302 Study Questions Exam 6 Please insert your answers using BLUE FONT. Chapter 27: Public Policy in Texas 1. How does Texas rank compared to other states in terms of a state income tax, state sales taxes (6.25%), state and local sales taxes combined (8.25%) and overall state taxes? 2. Where is Texas compared to other states in terms of property taxes and overall state and local taxes added together? 3. What does the comptroller of public accounts do in Texas? Who is she? 4. What does it mean to meet biennially? 5. What are dedicated funds? 6. What limits are imposed on welfare spending in Texas? 7. What 4 things limit the way the budget is made in Texas? 8. What 3 spending limits are included in the Texas Constitution? 9. Who is more influential in the budget in Texas, the LBB or the governor? 10. Who serves on the LBB? 11. What does the LLB require of each state agency in the budget process? 12. What is the BRE and why is it so important and can the legislature override it and does it? 13. What does certification of a budget mean? 14. What are the 12 main tax revenues in Texas? (Tobacco tax on cigarettes is now $1.41, not $.41.) 15. What are the top 3 sources of income for Texas? 16. What percentage of revenue does Texas receive from the national government? 17. Why do people say the Texas tax system is too regressive rather than progressive? 18. What is the 2 nd largest source of revenue ($) for Texas? And how much in 2006? 19. What are the other sources of revenue for the state? When was the lottery added and how much $? 20. How much did Texas get in the tobacco settlement? 21. What is the number one expense of the state and what percentage of the budget does it take? 22. What is the number two, three and fourth expenses for the state of Texas? 23. Facing nearly a 10 billion-dollar deficit, what did the Legislature cut in 2004 budget? 24. What did Gov. Perry’s budget propose for 2004? 25. What happened to tuition caps at state universities and the CHIP budget? How many poor kids lost health coverage? In plain English, who ended up “paying” for the budget shortfall? 26. How much did tuition go up at UT? 27. What is the longer term prospect for more tuition increases? 28. Texas has a long history of abusive and cruel treatment of prisoners, what finally happened in the Ruiz v Estelle class action suit? 29. When did the special master and federal court supervision of the Texas prison system finally end? 30. What is the number of individuals in Texas prisons in 2007? 31. What has happened to the length of sentencing and in 2006, what % of sentence time was served? (See Figure 27.2.) 32. Why did crime drop so much in the mid-1990’s? 33. Demographically speaking, who is in Texas prisons? 34.
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Study Questions Exam 6 - Government 2302 Study Questions...

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