Chapt. 20 Outline

Chapt. 20 Outline - I. 1 2 1 1.1 1.2 electricity 1.3...

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I. The rise of Big Business 1. Overview of factors propelling growth 2. Second Industrial Revolution 1. Spurred by innovation and invention 1.1. transportation and communication networks 1.2. electricity 1.3. application of scientific research to industry II. The railroads 1. Growth of railroads 2. The transcontinental railroads 1. Pacific Railway Act (1862) authorized transcontinental line on north-central route 1.1. Union Pacific Railroad 1.2. Central Pacific Railroad 2. Chinese labor 3. First transcontinental railroad completed at Promontory Point, 1869 4. Other transcontinental railroads 2. Financing the railroads 1. Role of the federal government 1.1. federal land grants and cash make roads possible 2. Role of the robber barons 1.1. Crédit Mobilier
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1.2. Jay Gould 1.3. Cornelius Vanderbilt III. Manufacturing and inventions 1. The growth of new industries and the transformation of old ones 2. Two technological advances involving electricity 1. Alexander Graham Bell and the telephone, 1876 2. Thomas Alva Edison and the electric light, 1879
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Chapt. 20 Outline - I. 1 2 1 1.1 1.2 electricity 1.3...

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