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Imperium in Imperio Book Assignment For Assignment # 1, you will read a short novel by Sutton Griggs called Imperium in Imperio . It was written in 1899 and the first of 5 novels by Griggs. The novel is available online for you for free by the University of Virginia Library, and I am excited to use this source and keep your book costs low. You can read about Sutton Griggs at the link below. Griggs and his family were from Texas, and much of the novel is set in actual places in Texas. About Sutton Griggs: As you read this piece of early African American fiction, please keep in mind that it a novel and not a true story. It is a ficitonal story of a secret society. After you have read the novel, you will be asked a few very general short essay questions about the characters and storyline of the book. Pay close attention to the main characters. Even though this book is not a true story, the
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