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SCHEDULE OF EXPERIMENTS – FALL 2011 Date Activity Quizzes/Items Due Aug. 31p § , Sept. 1, 2 Check-in, Safety/Policy Lecture (read pgs. v-xv and 9-11 in manual before coming to lab) Chapter 2: Introduction to Melting Point Sept. 5, 6, 7a § Labor Day holiday – ALL SECTIONS – No Labs Sept. 7p, 8, 9 Chapter 3: Synthesis of Acetophenetidin, Part 1 Acetophenetidin Pre-Lab Sept. 12, 13, 14a Acetophenetidin, cont., Parts 2 and 3 Sept. 14 Online Safety Quiz #1 Due at 9:00 pm – All Sections Sept. 14p, 15, 16 Acetophenetidin, cont., Part 4 Spectroscopy worksheet and TA practice session Spectroscopy worksheet due (handed out in lab, due at end of lab) Sept. 19, 20, 21a Chapter 4: Extraction (Parts 1, 2, and 3) Acetophenetidin NB due Extraction Pre-Lab Sept. 21p, 22, 23 Extraction, cont. (Part 4) Sept. 26, 27, 28a Isolation of Eugenol from Cloves by Distillation Handout on Sakai Extraction NB due Sept. 28 ALL SECTIONS – Online Spectroscopy Module due at 2:00pm (counts as a Notebook grade)
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