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Fall 2011 EC620 Microeconomics I page 1 of 11 Economics 620 Microeconomics I Instructor: Dr. Steffen Ziss, P3084, ph: 884-0710 ext. 2776, email: [email protected] Office hours : Tuesdays and Thursdays 1-2:20 pm. Classes: Classes are held in P3027 on Tuesdays and Thursdays 2:30-3:50 pm. Course description : The following topics will be covered Perfect competition, Monopoly, Dominant firms and Welfare Price discrimination Third degree price discrimination, Two part tariffs, Versioning, Bundling Product quality Search goods, adverse selection and experience goods Oligopoly – Cournot, Bertrand, Edgeworth, Differentiated oligopoly, Horizontal mergers, Conjectural variation Collusion – Repeated games. Two stage games and entry deterrence Limit pricing, Stackelberg, Learning by doing, R and D, Managerial incentives, Strategic trade, Innovation. Vertical pricing Linear pricing, Two part tariffs, Screening, Signalling, Contracts as a barrier to entry Assessment: Your mark will be determined as follows: (a) Mid-term exam (30%) held Monday, November 21 (Week 11), TBA (b) 4 assignments (20%) due in Weeks 4, 7, 10 and 13 on Tuesday (in class). (c) Final exam (50%) held during the final exam period (Dec 15-21). Note : There will be no deferred mid-term. If you have documented evidence that illness of misadventure prevented you from writing the mid-term then the weight assigned to the mid-term will be transferred to the final exam. Required Textbook (available in bookstore as a photocopied book) Church, J. and Ware, R. (2000) Industrial Organization: A Strategic Approach , New York: McGraw-Hill. Plagiarism : Laurier uses software that checks for plagiarism. Students may be asked to submit their written work in electronic form and have it checked for plagiarism. Accessible Learning : Students with disabilities or special needs are advised to contact Laurier’s Accessible Learning Office for information regarding its services or resources. Students are encouraged to review the Calendar for information regarding all services available on campus. Course website: Go to and login using your Novell login information. If you are unable to login, please contact the Educational Technologies department at [email protected] . If EC620 is not listed in MyLearningSpace then check LORIS to ensure that you are enrolled.
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Fall 2011 EC620 Microeconomics I page 2 of 11 Topics, Textbook Readings, and Event calendar Week 1 (September 12-16) Lecture 1-2 Topic 1: Perfect competition, monopoly, dominant firms & welfare Readings : ch. 2 (pp. 19-40) and ch. 4 (pp. 111-145) Week 2 (September 19-23) Lecture 3-4 Topic 2: Price discrimination Readings : ch. 5 (pp. 155-178) Week 3 (September 26 - 30) Lecture 5 Topic 2: Price discrimination Lecture 6 Topic 3: Product quality Readings : ch. 6 (pp. 183-196) Week 4 (October 3-7), Week 5 (October 10-14) and Week 6 (October 17-21) Assignment 1 : Due Tuesday, Oct 4, in class. Lecture 7-12
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Course Material - Fall 2011 Economics 620 Microeconomics I...

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