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Checkpoint Week One

Checkpoint Week One - Checkpoint – Information Systems...

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Unformatted text preview: Checkpoint – Information Systems Business Problem What are the three dimensions to business problems? Provide examples of each. Three dimensions to business problems from inception to distribution would include: 1) Finding people that understand the product and have wide knowledge of how it works and its technology. 2) Employing people that can actually sell the product and essentially make money for the business product(s). 3) Creating a team that can market the product and package it so that it is appealing to a consumer interested in a similar product. Simply creating a product that is marketable and in demand is not always enough, many businesses can encounter an issue with a drop in sales when they fail to market their products well under the assumption that a respected name is enough. With all the competition out there, you have to make your product known to a consumer by being a presence. One way to do this is to ensure that you employ people that believe in the product and staff a team that understands the...
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