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euro 101 lecture 3 - Lecture 3 Homer Homer is not a proven...

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Lecture 3 09/06/2011 Homer Homer is not a proven historical figure, conspiracy theorists believe that the Iliad may be a combination of many different epics. There are not many answers to the questions about the Iliad , we only have a little bit of archaeological information to go on. The problematic nature of Homer’s biography, Ancient Greek sources contradict one another. There is no historical record, but there are legends that say that Homer is blind. Homer is thought to have lived in 8 th Century B.C. The Iliad is thought to have been created in 750-725 B.C. Politics in Greece A lot of public affairs in contemporary societies are based upon the ideas which we have inherited from the writings of Greeks, this is especially evident in modern political theories. The Language of Homeric Epics: Homer uses a lot of epithets (repeated phrase used by storyteller to summarize a character) –– “Agamemnon, lord of men, brilliant Achilles”. They recur at predictable places in the line. Epithets, repetitions – features of oral poetry It is said that epithets describe the positive characteristics of a person under discussion. It is very controlled and is usually not repeated in the way Homer repeats them in the Illiad. This is one of the fundamental differences between modern authors’ ways of telling the story and Homer’s approach. In fact, the modern version is not favored while Homer’s style is. Homer gives into stylistic weakness from modern poetic perspectives. The epithets show up in predictable places. They are keyed to the meter of the poem: Epic hexameter
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euro 101 lecture 3 - Lecture 3 Homer Homer is not a proven...

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