euro 101 lecture 6

euro 101 lecture 6 - Lecture 6 9/15/11 Achilles o Peleus...

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Lecture 6 9/15/11 Achilles o Peleus’ son. His mother is Thetis (divine). Peleus is mortal. Thetis was a favorite of Zeus which gave Achilles some privilege. o His name, Achilles, means “a grief to the army”. Derived from Mycenaean (ancient name). The legend goes back to at least the 12 th Century. o Achilles is good comrade, and good friend. which is why they can't understand why he's taken himself out of the fight. o There is archeological evidence that Achilles had existence separate from Homer. He might have been a receiver of a hero cult (where a human being was singled out and worshiped as a god). o Importance of the epic warrior code , motivated by a culture of shame (dignity, people’s opinion of you). o Unlike Odysseus, who turns to trickery and strategy in his battles, there is morality in Achilles’ actions because he goes by a code of ethics and rules of conduct – courage and honesty. He takes pride in going into battle on equal grounds. His victories are straight-forward. o Achilles is always in danger of betraying his own ethics if he lets his rage go too far (as in the situation with Priam, Hector’s father, who is an old feeble man). o “so wild, so savage”-means he's not in control of his emotions. Greeks are known for control of there emotions. Achilles is out of control at this moment, not civilized. o The stories about Achilles were very productive even after Homer (for example, the famous story of Achilles’ heel is not found in either Iliad or Odyssey). Homer tends to be more conservative in his description of Achilles, focusing on Achilles as a pure hero. o
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euro 101 lecture 6 - Lecture 6 9/15/11 Achilles o Peleus...

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