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euro 101 lecture 7 - Lecture 7 09/20/2011 Priam and...

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Lecture 7 09/20/2011 Priam and Achilles Book 21, Lycaon, Priam’s son; who faced Achilles in battle, during Achilles' terrible wrath after the death of Patroclus. Lycaon grasped Achilles' knees and begged for mercy, either in exchange for a ransom or in memory of Patroclus' gentle nature; however, neither argument swayed Achilles, who cut him by the foot and slew him without pity because of rage. Priam and Achilles “Sing the rage of Achilles…” rage, shaming. Achilles’ rage vs. Hector’s humanity “And so he kept on raging, shaming noble Hector, but the gods in bliss looked down and pities Priam’s son.” Priam came to ransom Hector’s body. Priam is the father of Hector. Priam is putting together a ransom for the body of Hector. Unlike what Agamemnon said, there are no women involved; it is a strictly economic agreement between Priam and Achilles. Priam is so out of his mind with grief that he misdirects his anger too, which remains to expose his emotional vulnerability. Nods us of Achilles. He goes off on his remaining sons, this begins to humanize Priam as well, and it begins P93--Hermes is sent to be an excort for Priam to get him safely to Achilles. Successfully persuaded Priam that Achilles wouldn’t obey the will of Zeus. P94--Priam’s interaction with his wife, Hecuba. They lost several sons to Achilles. Oikos vs. Polis once again. Hecuba believes that Achilles is a man of neither respect nor mercy. Priam says that this has to be done, and kind of shoos away his wife. He does agree to offer sacrifices to Zeus. P98--Priam’s reaction to Zeus is initially shock, and then it eventually develops into terror (human terror before the gods is a persistent motif from then on). -
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euro 101 lecture 7 - Lecture 7 09/20/2011 Priam and...

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