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euro 101 lecture 10 - Lecture 10 Motif mortality vs...

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Lecture 10 09/04/11 Motif : - mortality vs immortality. There is a problem of rational decisions or how to understand the problem of irrationality. It is the desire of Penelope that is irrational. As Odysseus gets closer home, it is the driving force that unite everything together. At first glance it is an irrational influence but turns out to be rational. This is typical of Homer to reveal irrational at the surface but will only slowly reveal itself to be rational later on. Odysseus uses his masks ; he does not use the straightforward warrior code all the time like Achilles. Non-coincidence is a common theme with Odysseus; he often has different parts of his personality which can not be explained individually (such as seeing him entirely as a warrior or entirely as a sneaky, plotting individual). Odysseus needs to see lion seer, Tiresias at the land of the dead. He needs to know how to appease Poseidon is an issue as well. The first person in the afterlife that he wants to see is his mother. He can’t speak to her first; he needs Tiresias’ info first. -What Odysseus has to do is not simple. All Achilles has to do is go to the battlefield and fight Hector. For Odysseus, the instructions are very complicated and not straightforward. The purpose of what he has to do is not clear. -NOSTOI- focuses on Odysseus’ nostoi from the beginning to the end. But the god Poseidon will make it very difficult for him. -Ultimately, Odysseus has to contain his desires in order to be civilized. He should not be allowing his desires to overflow-, which is how we’ve seen it with Achilles (rage went to far; savage). Can he maintain command over his crew and their desires? -If everyone honors the gods, prays and refrains from eating the fat sheep and cattle then everyone goes
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euro 101 lecture 10 - Lecture 10 Motif mortality vs...

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