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euro 101 lecture 11 - Lecture 11 09/06/11 Ceremony-...

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Lecture 11 09/06/11 Ceremony- cultural importance that Odysseus finds within himself. When peace is made, formality will have to be worked out and followed through on by a ceremony, When they feast together, disaster- ceremony. Cultural signal- people come together and give proper respect to one another and Gods, when accomplished everything is resolved. It is more important as a final resolution of ill will and free peace. The problem with the Odyssey is that so much time has been by the time the journey ended and everything changed. Left at a young adult- early to mid 20s when set off for troy, now he is in his mid 40s - Wants to reestablish the oikos and relationships with his father and Penelope and son - Theme and variation tech- folklore basis - Mask- deny who he is. Step away from himself in order to become himself. How did he escape from the Cyclops? Deny himself and proclaim himself nobody - Athena talking to him as another person. - Pretends to know less than he actually knows - He knows its Athena- they’re both in disguise but know its each other- play games with one another. - Athena’s reaction: masks revaluated slowly- reveal as beautiful woman –
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euro 101 lecture 11 - Lecture 11 09/06/11 Ceremony-...

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