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Math 25: Advanced Calculus UC Davis, Spring 2011 Math 25 — Practice problems for the final Important notes The final will be 2 hours long . The final will be a closed-book exam . All of the course material will be covered (except parts that were explicitly described as enrichment material, e.g., the proof that e is irrational), with an emphasis on material covered after the midterm. The practice problems in this problem set are designed to aid you in studying and reviewing important parts of the course material. They are designed to be in some cases slightly more difficult, and to take longer to solve, than actual exam questions. The practice problems do not cover all the course topics. Topics that are not covered by this problem set may still appear on the final! Solutions to this problem set will be posted on the course web page later this week. (An email announcement will be sent.) It is also recommended to go over the homework and its solutions (as well as the textbook and class notes) as preparation for the final. One final recommendation for the exam When writing a proof, use words to explain the logic of what you are doing — don’t just write formulas or equations (like you may be used to doing in other math classes).
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