SAMPLE2009Exam4 - BIPN 142 Exam#4 Name(Print Student No...

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p. 1 BIPN 142 Exam #4 March 18, 2009 Name (Print): Student No: Exam guidelines 1. This is a closed book, closed note exam. Work by yourself and do not talk with any other students. You have ~50 min (until 9:50 AM) to hand in the exam. 2. You may work in pen or pencil; however, ONLY EXAMS COMPLETED IN NON- ERASEABLE INK WILL BE ELIGIBLE FOR REGRADES . 3. IT IS ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL that you print your name on the top of each page. Pages will be separated for grading. 4. You should confine your answers to the space provided. If you must write outside that space, use the back of the same page, and mark clearly that you have done so. Please do not write in this box. PAGE 2: PAGE 3: PAGE 4: PAGE 5: PAGE 6: PAGE 7: TOTAL:
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Name (print):_________________________________ Student Number ______________________ p. 2 PART A: Circle the best answer. Each correct choice is worth 3 points 1. Firing an action potential in an axon initially causes a 8 mV depolarization (EPSP) in a postsynaptic neuron, but after giving a certain stimulus to the axon, firing it causes an 5 mV depolarization, after each action potential. This phenomenon is called a. habituation. b. potentiation. c. facilitation. d. augmentation. e. depression. 2. Which of the following would be a plausible mechanism explaining synaptic depression? a. Inhibition of presynaptic calcium channels b. Activation of presynaptic potassium channels c. Depletion of synaptic vesicles in the presynaptic terminal d. Delayed vesicle replenishment from the reserve pool e. all of the above 3. After firing a short burst of action potentials in an axon, a larger EPSP is observed in the postsynaptic cell, and this effect seems to last a few tens of milliseconds. According to the favored hypothesis for this phenomenon, the presynaptic terminal most likely has _______.
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SAMPLE2009Exam4 - BIPN 142 Exam#4 Name(Print Student No...

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